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How the New Modifier FX Will Affect Your Chiropractic Xray Payments

Effective January 1, 2017 Medicare released a new requirement and an accompanying new modifier that may have slipped under the radar for many chiropractors...for now. The new modifier is FX and is required when you take plain film x-rays (as opposed to ...

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The Trump Tax Plan & Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition

The news channels and tax bloggers are buzzing as details on the Trump tax plan float about and the Unites States taxpayers await the grand finale. Although no exact date was given by the Trump administration for release of the ...

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The Top 5 Errors Chiropractors Make in Medicare

Though many chiropractors love to hate Medicare because it wields a big stick and seems to cause big problems, one bit of saving grace about the CMS giant is that continually try to inform the chiropractic profession on what we ...

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Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are many goofs and blunders you can easily make when selling a chiropractic practice or transitioning your business.  Today, we’re going to discuss one that often slips under the radar but if and when it does, it can ...

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Why Medicare Will Continue to Audit Chiropractors in 2017

At the end of each fiscal year, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) releases its “work plan” for the following year.  This work plan essentially reveals areas that Medicare will target for audits. Unfortunately, for many moons now, chiropractic has ended ...

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