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Common 98943 Chiropractic Extraspinal Adjustment Errors That Are Causing You Trouble

Since CPT Code 98943 (which is chiropractic adjustment to the extremities) is a procedure performed by exclusively by chiropractors, there seems to be some misunderstandings and misinterpretation of proper coding rules when it comes to getting paid. This certainly is not ...

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How to Audit a Chiropractic Audit

There has been quite an upswing in chiropractic audit activity in the profession lately.  I'm not sure if this is "audit season," if payers have determined that once and for all they are going to "teach" us chiropractors a lesson ...

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How to Amend Your Chiropractic Documentation (& How NOT To)

Life's not perfect and neither is your documentation.  But there's a fine line between altering a medical record (which can be fraudulent) and amending your chiropractic documentation. Chiropractors ask us for advice on how to do this (either before or ...

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What Chiropractors Can Learn From Massage Envy®

While Massage Envy® moves closer to opening its 1200th location, most chiropractors would be thrilled to have 8 busy therapists – heck, even 4 – no make that, 2 busy therapists! Although there are many in chiropractic (and many more in the ...

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How Your Short Game Can Sabotage Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition

Many chiropractors think the biggest frustration in their chiropractic practice sale or transition is finding the perfect prospect. Truth be told, the search for that special someone is not an easy task. Especially in today’s marketplace when those looking to get ...

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