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Six Steps to Sabotage Your Chiropractic PI Claims (& How to Avoid Them)

In the land of personal injury work, there is great opportunity coupled with great danger if you don’t do things well. On the opportunity side, there are few chances for chiropractors to get paid better for their work than in ...

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How to Fix First Impressions BEFORE You Sell, Hire An Associate or Transition Your Chiropractic Practice

Do you literally want to chase away prospects from your practice transition? Of course you don’t. So if you are trying to hire an associate, to sell your practice or find the perfect prospect who may someday transition to ownership of your ...

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How Real Estate Recovery Affects Your Plans to Buy, Sell, Hire, Exit or Enter a Chiropractic Practice

The present real estate market is having a profound effect on our profession -- especially if your planning to buy OR sell a chiropractic practice- or even transition in any fashion here in the near future. Here's a quick update on ...

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Expedited Payments and Other Personal Injury Scams Waged At Chiropractors

  In a previous post, I wrote about the growing payment problem known as "Virtual Credit Cards" that payers are in love with and providers are...well, in hate with.  Today, we I'd like to warn you about yet another way payers are attempting to ...

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Accurate Apportionment of Personal Injury Cases for Chiropractors

When treating a motor vehicle injury, the “pre-existing condition” often creates enough of a mess to spark fear in the hands of inexperienced chiropractor or worse, to cause mistakes in the area of injury apportionment which can compromise the claim ...

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