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ACA Objects to United Healthcare Chiropractic Policy -- And Why Chiropractors & Their Patients Should Be Concerned!

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) just sent a polite, but firm, letter that objects to the new United Healthcare Chiropractic policy that is presently creating quite a stink in our profession. The letter was co-signed by State Association Presidents as ...

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associate chiropractor wanted

Associate Chiropractor Wanted for Buyout: Assumptions Owners & Employees Need to Avoid

I frequently get questions from docs who are looking to place an associate chiropractor wanted for buyout ad – and aren’t quite sure about some of the buyout details. Interestingly enough, we get an almost equal number of questions from the ...

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Aetna chiropractor

Aetna Chiropractor? Your Payments Are in Jeopardy if You Adjust, Do Rehab or Don't Follow Their Latest Policy Updates!

If you are an Aetna chiropractor, receiving payment for many of your services may now be in jeopardy thanks to three of their recent policy updates: one for chiropractic services and one for complementary and alternative medicine (both updated in ...

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Medicare Chiropractic Documentation Guidelines

New Medicare Chiropractic Documentation Guidelines Released (& Effective Immediately for All Chiropractors)

While chiropractors may have been busy having some summer fun, CMS announced that there was a revision in the Medicare Chiropractic Documentation guidelines. The guidelines were released on June 18, 2018 and this change effects every Medicare carrier in the country.  ...

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How to sell a chiropractic practice building

How to sell a chiropractic practice in 7 Steps (& How to Save Time, Stress & Money in the Process!)

Chiropractors looking to exit the profession or transition into a different situation frequently contact us or attend one of our webinars to discover how to sell a chiropractic practice. It is certainly tempting to try to sell your practice yourself, especially ...

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