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Conquering Colossus (& Other PI Claims Processing Software) in Your Chiropractic Practice

Anyone who has cared for personal injury patients is likely familiar with the claims processing software known as Colossus (or you should be). Depending on your data sources (because auto insurance payers aren’t likely to reveal them), the list of carriers ...

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How to Reduce Chiropractic Accounts Receivable Without Using a Collections Agency (or Cousin Larry)

I was on a strategy session call with a new coaching client a few months ago who was so frustrated with the Accounts Receivable in his chiropractic practice that he asked a hilarious question: “What do I have to do to get ...

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Virtual Credit Cards: A Chiropractic Convenience or Payors Dipping Into Your Pockets?

If it appears that insurance payers unleash new rules, regulations, policies and even payment methods so quickly, you are not the only one left with your head spinning and your staff scrambling to keep up. Over the last several months, we’ve ...

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The Chiropractic 1% Solution - Small Changes = Big Results

Ever feel overwhelmed with the number of hats you wear as the chiropractic business owner? Most DC’s don’t have to pause long to realize that we are attempting to simultaneously be the doctor, CEO, CFO, marketing person, HR director, billing ...

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Medicare Releases New Required ABN Form For Chiropractors

[Update] Here's a quick update to the original post with a FAQ answered by the Feds themselves! One FAQ everyone is asking after my last post is this: Q: What do we do with current ABN's that are in place? Are they ...

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