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Are You Setting Your Chiropractic Fees Out of Fear?

If the last time you raised the fees in your practice was when there was a different President in the office and/or if the thought of setting your chiropractic fees a little higher brings a bit of anxiety your way, this ...

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Strategic Chiropractor Named Among Best Chiropractic Blogs of 2017 by Value Penguin!

Of course, you may already know this (because you are reading our blog) but...we are excited to announce that The Strategic Chiropractor was named on of the best chiropractic blogs by Value Penguin, a free source for information and tools to help ...

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The Art Of Chiropractic Associate Buy-In and Buy-Outs

Young chiropractors are quickly becoming more risk-averse thanks, in part, to the $200,000 debt burden some of the new doctors are beginning their career in chiropractic with. In decades past, many (if not, most) chiropractors graduated and then moved towards starting ...

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MORE Chiropractic Audit Errors You Need to Fight (Part 2)

In Part One of this post (5 Chiropractic Audit Errors You Need to Fight), we discussed the fact that audit errors are common and that they absolutely need to be appealed or fought. Specifically, we mentioned three that you would need ...

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5 Chiropractic Audit Errors You Need to Fight (Every Time!)

As upsetting as it may be to receive a notice that you are being audited, there is equal (or perhaps greater) frustration when the payer demands repayment for services you feel were correctly reimbursed, properly documented and rendered according to ...

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