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Three Chiropractic Audits Coming Your Way (2 You Should Easily Pass)

The first quarter of each year often sees a wave of new rules, requirements, payer policy changes and, unfortunately, audits. It’s essential that your office keep up with these changes that happen both on the national and local level (which is ...

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Steps to Make Your Chiropractic Billing Claims More Efficient & Effective

Over the last several years, the use of a standardized electronic claim form throughout the healthcare industry has become more popular, increasingly required and easier than ever before. It’s estimated that over 95% of health plans and providers are now electronic ...

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Unanticipated Risks of Waiting To Sell Your Chiropractic Practice

Most chiropractors are aware of their own mortality enough to realize that one big risk of waiting to sell your chiropractic practice (or transition to your associate) is that none of us can cheat death.  The other obvious inescapable reality ...

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Increasing Your Chiropractic Fees Without Angering Your Patients

There are few things that chiropractors sweat more than raising their fees.  Despite your biggest fears, it is a necessary element to running a profitable practice.  Here are some good ways to go about this (and a few to avoid):  1. ...

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How the New Modifier FX Will Affect Your Chiropractic Xray Payments

Effective January 1, 2017 Medicare released a new requirement and an accompanying new modifier that may have slipped under the radar for many chiropractors...for now. The new modifier is FX and is required when you take plain film x-rays (as opposed to ...

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