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Is Your Chiropractic Non-compete Agreement Enforceable?

Although a chiropractic non-compete agreement is not part of every chiropractic associate contract, most have them. In fact, many chiropractors who are seeking an associate employment position are unable to avoid signing a non-compete agreement. For a business owner that is ...

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Medicare MACRA in 2018 For Chiropractors: 8 Things You Need to Know

This month (November 2017), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its final rule related to the Medicare Quality Payment Program in 2018. Many may recognize the quality program under its abbreviation known as MACRA which shortens its real mouthful ...

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How Much Is My Chiropractic Practice Worth? My Friend Sold His For ____

It’s a common question and frequent comment we receive here when working with chiropractors on their chiropractic practice sale or transition plans. The question and the conversation typically goes like this: I am thinking about selling my chiropractic practice and was wondering ...

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How Chiropractors Can Double Their Massage Profits NOW

If you have massage therapy in your chiropractic practice, we are now entering the single best "season" to increase massage therapy services and profits. And if you don't have massage yet (or if your production and profits from massage are flat), read ...

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3 Essential Ingredients to a Successful Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition

Many chiropractors are reaching a point where they are more frequently having thoughts about how to transition out of the profession. In many cases, this is due to the simple fact that Baby Boomers are not only the largest segment ...

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