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Would You Leave Chiropractic If You Were Financially Independent?

Would you leave chiropractic if you were financially independent? It’s a tough question that I can’t answer for you but I can tell you that your answer is critical to your success and future in chiropractic. Here’s the reason I ask: Recently, I ...

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chiropractic success

Ingredients for Chiropractic Success: Sling, Stones, Secret Sauce

There are a few ingredients to chiropractic success that we can learn from our profession's recent victory over United Healthcare and their prohibitive policy on headaches. And these things may also serve as a quick reminder to us that chiropractors ...

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42019 ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractors

Yes, the 2019 ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractors Start NOW

We've been receiving a number of emails from confused docs and their billing staff who are asking if the 2019 ICD-10 codes for chiropractors begin now (in October 2018) or later (in January 2019). The short answer is: even though the ...

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why chiropractors fail

Why Chiropractors Fail Now, or Later, or Both (& How to Avoid It)

Some of you may read this title and think that you are not failing in practice and that your business is doing ok. After all, many small businesses go broke are burn out within three years. And that’s not you, right? ...

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chiropractic student debt

Why Your Chiropractic Student Loans Will Not Stop You From Buying a Practice (& a Few Things That Will)

While it’s no secret that many chiropractors enter the profession a significant amount of student debt, your chiropractic student loans will not stop you from buying a practice.  Yes, you read that right -- the number of zeroes after your ...

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