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Why Your Exams are the Easiest Chiropractic Audits to Fail (& to Fix So You Can Keep Your Money)

It's a dirty little secret among auditors that E/M codes are easy money to take back from doctors.  Unfortunately, as chiropractors, we are no exception and your exams may possibly be the easiest chiropractic audits to fail.  Of course, failure ...

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Smarter Chiropractic in 2018 SUMMER SEMINAR! [Seattle]

Best Practices for Profitable & Compliant Chiropractic, Massage & Rehab Billing, Coding, Documentation & Business Strategies So You Can Work SMARTER in 2018, Not Harder! Presented By:  Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-P of The Strategic Chiropractor While the rest of your ...

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Chiropractic Salary Stats: How Much Do Chiropractors Really Make?

Some new data has emerged since our original post attempted to answer the question "How much do chiropractors make?" So here's the latest update on chiropractor salary stats and answers to burnings question asked by associate doctors looking for chiropractic jobs ...

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buying a chiropractic practice

Buy, Build or Break Up WEBINAR: Your Best Moves For Buying a Chiropractic Practice or Getting a New Associate Job

Many chiropractors are uncomfortable or inexperienced with the logistics of buying a chiropractic practice or starting one from scratch.  As a result, some docs stay in lousy associate positions for longer than they need to. Fortunately, buying a chiropractic practice or making ...

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Chiropractic Jobs: Associate Employee or Independent Contractor?

When DC’s are looking for chiropractic jobs or to hire a chiropractor to work in their office, one of the first questions that is typically asked is in regards to whether the doc should be an employee or an independent ...

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