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chiropractic student debt

Why Your Chiropractic Student Loans Will Not Stop You From Buying a Practice (& a Few Things That Will)

While it’s no secret that many chiropractors enter the profession a significant amount of student debt, your chiropractic student loans will not stop you from buying a practice.  Yes, you read that right -- the number of zeroes after your ...

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Is Your Chiropractic Non-compete Agreement Enforceable?

Although a chiropractic non-compete agreement is not part of every chiropractic associate contract, most have them. In fact, many chiropractors who are seeking an associate employment position are unable to avoid signing a non-compete agreement. For a business owner that is ...

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chiropractic practice sale mistake

Space for Rent - A Big Chiropractic Practice Sale Mistake That Can Unintentionally Sabotage Your Chiropractic Office Sale

Renting Space can be a chiropractic practice sale mistake that some chiropractors will make during the course of their transition, but the Space for Rent scenario is a particularly deadly error you want to avoid -- unless you want to ...

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37926876 - real estate growth cart

How Real Estate Recovery Affects Your Plans to Buy, Sell, Hire, Exit or Enter a Chiropractic Practice

The present real estate market is having a profound effect on our profession -- especially if your planning to buy OR sell a chiropractic practice- or even transition in any fashion here in the near future. Here's a quick update on ...

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31619002 - senior gentleman holding a rotten fish isolated on white background

ACA Objects to United Healthcare Chiropractic Policy -- And Why Chiropractors & Their Patients Should Be Concerned!

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) just sent a polite, but firm, letter that objects to the new United Healthcare Chiropractic policy that is presently creating quite a stink in our profession. The letter was co-signed by State Association Presidents as ...

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