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Easy Cash to Find in February for Your Chiropractic Business

It’s always nice to insert a surge of cash into your practice and February is one of the best (and easiest) times to do it. You only need to focus on one simple holiday to start and one simple question to ...

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2016 X-ray CPT Code Changes Affecting Chiropractors

We've started to get emails from chiropractors who are experiencing delays or denials due to their x-ray codes. Here's a 5-minute video outlining the x-ray CPT code changes that may affect your chiropractic practice in 2016. You can also download the slides here ...

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Chiropractic Insurance Acceleration Seminar in Seattle!

How to QUICKLY Improve Your Collections, Develop Payer Proficiency, Gain Medicare Mastery & Give You Better Billing, Coding, Documentation & Business Strategies! The chiropractic marketplace continues to change at a rapid pace in our post-ICD-10 world. Audits and denials have been increasing ...

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Chiropractic Documentation Downfall #3: Improving the Efficiency of Your Notes

This is Part 3 of our Documentation Downfalls series and even though most chiropractors feel like their notes take way too long (what we have defined as a QUANTITY issue), this is Part 3 for a good reason. Here’s why: Unless ...

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Chiropractic Documentation Downfall #2: Improving the Quality of Your Notes

[This is Part 2 of a series, for Part 1: How to Save Yourself From the 3 Chiropractic Documentation Downfalls] In the first installment of this series on chiropractic documentation, we focused on the fact that Treatment Plans are considered by payers ...

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