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5 Easy Tools to Help the Holidays in Your Chiropractic Office

As chiropractic business owners, the holidays are not always the best times for our bottom line. While we all enjoy a little rest and a break from the usual routine, missed days, missed appointments and scheduling nightmares threaten to put ...

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Do This First to Get a Head Start on Increasing Chiropractic Income in 2017

Want to start improving your chances for a better bottom line in 2017…now…while you are still in 2016? There’s a simple way to get things moving in the right direction. Likely, it won’t increase your income by $100k or more, but it ...

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Chiropractic Personal Injury POWER Seminar - December dates added!

Our Portland event in September was sold out (and with waiting list) and Seattle was at maximum capacity, so...we've added more dates in December for both Portland and Seattle! Don't miss out on the final Chiropractic Personal Injury POWER Seminar dates in ...

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Don't Let a Buy-Sell Bomb Go Off On Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition!

Prior to having children, I naively thought that raising kids was a relatively simple undertaking. Like many armchair experts, I looked upon the situation from afar and concluded that childrearing was much easier than most folks were making it out ...

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Can Chiropractors Opt Out of Medicare?

With the election looming and the victory of an undesirable political candidate within the realm of probability (regardless of which side of the fence you are on), some chiropractors are looking to exit the madness called Medicare.  Even during non-election years, ...

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