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Mastering Chiropractic Medical Necessity in 2015 (Part 1)

Eventually, most of us will receive an insurance denial claiming that our chiropractic services were not "medically necessary." Certainly, this is a frustrating experience. After all, who is more knowledgeable about our patients' needs than we are? Most of us ...

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Chiropractic Services Rank #1 on Medicare's List

Chiropractic services ranked #1 on Medicare’s recent report of the top 20 services with the highest rates of improper payments as detailed in the recently released Medicare Fee-for-Service Improper Payments Report. Unfortunately, the claims of chiropractors came in at a whopping ...

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6 Things Chiropractic Insurance Payers Won't Tell You

I frequently get asked the question “should I take XYZ insurance?” by new chiropractors or veterans that are contemplating a change. While it’s difficult to give a stock answer for everyone, everywhere there are definitely some considerations you need to make ...

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Multiply By Four -- Your Chiropractic BFF

Far too many chiropractors labor for far too long on the business roller-coaster watching their income dip and dive to the tune of consistent unpredictability.  Sure, the twister is a fun ride at the amusement park, but let’s talk about ...

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Lawmakers Meet Again About ICD-10 (Chiropractors Prepare!)

On Wednesday February 11, 2015, the Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Health met (yet again) to discuss the upcoming October 1, 2015 ICD-10 Implementation Date. The results were clearer than ever: no further delays. Any hope of a future date was ...

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