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Time For Chiropractors To Opt Out Of Medicare? (& Plan B Strategies)

It's that oh so special time of year where chiropractors who have had their full of Medicare can choose to change their participating provider status. Yes, in the last 6 weeks of every calendar year, chiropractors can elect to become Non-Par ...

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Chiropractic Coding Confusion With ICD-10 Injury Codes

Despite the dust settling over ICD-10, there is still a significant amount of chiropractic coding confusion in respect to utilizing the injury codes -- specifically  7th digit character extenders A, D or S. While there appear to be some differing options ...

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How to Audit a Chiropractic Audit

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed WHY more chiropractic audits are likely to be coming to chiropractors from Medicare and other insurance payers. In this article, we will talk about what to do when that happens. So…when the letter ...

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Why MORE Medicare Audits For Chiropractors Are Coming (From Noridian, Railroad & More)

Just in case you haven’t heard the noise due to the headaches from your ICD-10 hangover, Medicare is on the prowl for chiropractors…again. A few weeks ago, chiropractors did poorly on yet another Office of Inspector General (OIG) review. The OIG ...

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To Build a Better Chiropractic Business, Dismiss These 3 Delusions

As chiropractors, we’re taught that book smarts matter. From getting into chiropractic school, to getting through chiropractic school, to passing the national boards exams, everything in our little chiropractor world tells us it’s all about book smarts. After all, the ones graduating ...

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