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How Will PI & WC Carriers Handle Chiropractic Claims in ICD-10?

One of the most common questions I’ve been getting at my ICD-10 Intensive Workshops is in regards to implementing ICD-10 with Auto Insurance Carriers (PIP, MedPay) and with Worker’s Compensation Insurance. While everyone understands that Auto and WC carriers have a ...

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Mastering the ICD-10 Phone Book & Other Conversion Challenges

If you’ve spent any time digging into an ICD-10 Code Book, you’ve undoubtedly run across a big beef of mine. The wizards who wrote these codes apparently were great fans of that big yellow thing that now darkens your doorstep and ...

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Business Lessons From a Viral Redneck, Country Star & Chiropractic Extremist

There are two age-old problems that all business owners face and they’re more related than we would like to admit: How to Create More Demand For Our Services How to NOT Get Stuck in a Rut Despite the fact that these challenges are ...

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How to Cultivate Great Chiropractic Patients & Eliminate Bad Ones

Even the best chiropractors and their staff have bad days and yes, even bad patients. While there are a myriad of ways to prevent a bad day, the bad patient can be handled rather simply and, in fact, NEEDS to be ...

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Why the Medicare ICD-10 Band-Aid Won't Save Chiropractors

Medicare’s recent ICD-10 announcement caused some in healthcare to think that their troubles were over for a year. Unfortunately, that’s not even close to the case. First, the ICD-10 train still arrives on October 1, 2015. In other word’s, there’s NO ...

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