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2 Associate Details You Need Done Right (Especially Before You Sell Your Chiropractic Practice)

If you have an Associate Doctor working in your practice (as either an employee or an independent contractor) and you are looking to sell or transition your chiropractic practice, there are two details you need to take care of to ...

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Why Chiropractors Get the Medicare ABN Wrong (+ How to Fix It Fast)

Perhaps it's because it's the start of the year, or because I have my ChiroProgress Seminars coming up focusing on how to do better Medicare, better insurance and better business. Or perhaps because, we chiropractors simply still don't understand the ...

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Medicare Changes Chiropractors Should Make in 2017

To start off 2017, I'd like to propose Medicare changes chiropractors should make.  In reality, the changes are not really options.  But we do have an opportunity for how we will handle the mess Medicare is launching our way... Managing (or Avoiding) MACRA One item ...

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The Easiest (& Hardest) Medicare Changes Chiropractors Must Make in 2017

If you plan on seeing any Medicare patients in 2017, it’s time to start planning for the changes you must make. We’ll start with the easy ones and move onward towards those that may raise our blood pressure a few ...

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Don't Let Medicare's MACRA Mangle Your Chiropractic Practice in 2017!

The impact of MACRA has yet to hit the chiropractic profession but there are many healthcare experts who believe that the new legislation may be the most significant modification to Medicare since the started way back in 1966. I agree ...

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