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HIPAA Launches Phase 2 Audits at Chiropractors (& Everyone Else)

As predicted in my two previous articles on chiropractic HIPAA audits and  HIPAA compliance for chiropractors, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) announced their "official" launch of Phase 2 of their widespread HIPAA audit program on March 21, 2016. (For full details of ...

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PT Fined $25,000 For HIPAA Promotional Violation - DC's Beware!

A small physical therapy office recently received a $25,000 fine for violating HIPAA through one of their promotions that included a patient testimonial – a situation that could easily apply to chiropractors. DC’s should be aware of this case to ...

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What If You Have No Plans to Leave Chiropractic? (And what if You Do?)

Occasionally, I run into chiropractors who boldly inform me that they have no plans to leave chiropractic. They want to “die with their boots on” and can’t imagine life without chiropractic. While I commend their enthusiasm, I usually question their ...

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3 Revenue Leaks That Cost Your Chiropractic Business Thousands

While some chiropractors need to get more patients in the door to grow, most established practices can find significantly increased profits by focusing on firming up their systems and preventing revenue leaks.   In fact, according to Mark Lion of Lion ...

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7 Fines That Make Chiropractic Compliance Too Costly To Ignore

For years, HIPAA has been known as a “paper tiger” because it looked fierce on paper but in reality, it delivered the impact of paper cut. Unfortunately, those days are done. And 2016 marks a new era in HIPAA hassles and ...

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