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How the Narrow Network Trend is Affecting Chiropractors

Despite the promises of the Affordable Care Act, here’s the stark reality: there has been no documented rise in new patients or visits for chiropractors; but there has been a decrease in reimbursements and increase in the number of “narrow ...

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How Much is My Chiropractic Practice Worth?

There is one question that every chiropractor asks at least once during their chiropractic career. For some, the question gets posed at multiple times throughout the course of the life of their business. And for others, it’s a question that ...

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Medicare Unveils ICD-10 Compromise That Affects Chiropractors

On July 6, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) announced a surprise ICD-10 concession in anticipation of the upcoming October 1, 2015 deadline that will affect chiropractors as well as all other physicians categories. Your dreams did not come true…ICD-10 will ...

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The Science of Setting Your Chiropractic Fees

Does setting your fees based on fear, haggling or a random throw of the dice sound good to you? Well, unfortunately, the majority of chiropractors fall prey to this "triple trap" and use one of these methods to arrive at their fee ...

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Noridian Medicare Starts Widespread Audit on Chiropractic Claims

Noridian Medicare recently announced that it will launch a “widespread probe” on the adjustment code 98941 which is exclusively used by chiropractors. In a notification on Noridian’s website (dated June 10, 2015) the chiropractic Medicare carrier for the states of Arizona, ...

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