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The Science of Setting Your Chiropractic Fees

Does setting your fees based on fear, haggling or a random throw of the dice sound good to you? Well, unfortunately, the majority of chiropractors fall prey to this "triple trap" and use one of these methods to arrive at their fee ...

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Noridian Medicare Starts Widespread Audit on Chiropractic Claims

Noridian Medicare recently announced that it will launch a “widespread probe” on the adjustment code 98941 which is exclusively used by chiropractors. In a notification on Noridian’s website (dated June 10, 2015) the chiropractic Medicare carrier for the states of Arizona, ...

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6 Questions Chiropractors Need to Ask Their EMR Vendor Now

There’s a percentage of chiropractors that are making great strides towards a double-sided disaster with the onset of ICD-10 in October 2015. The first portion of peril is simply a lack of preparation. I am still amazed at the number of ...

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The “ICD-10 Intensive” -- Upcoming Seminars for Chiropractors & Staff

Step-by-Step, Hands-On Training on How to Bill, Code & Document in ICD-10 is coming to Seattle, Portland, Couer d'Alene, Boise & Idaho Falls!       For dates, details and to register for the "ICD-10 Intensive" Workshops for Chiropractors & Their Staff click the link here

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The ICD-10 Code Converter Iceberg (& How to Avoid It)

As all of healthcare creeps closer to the ICD-10 deadline, there are a few mistakes that chiropractors want to avoid during their training and implementation. In today’s post, we will start with perhaps the most innocent (and dangerous) errors: the ...

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