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The 4P Solution to Reduce Missed Appointments in Your Chiropractic Office

The problems with missed appointments are obvious: when patients don’t show, they lose the ability to get the results anticipated; you lose the ability to generate referrals from those results; you also lose the income. It’s a bad situation all ...

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Should You Sell Your Building With Your Chiropractic Practice Sale?

I just wanted to give you a quick answer to a question that goes through a lot of doctor's minds as they prepare their transition -- regardless of whether you are  planning to transition sooner or later, sell, hire an associate, ...

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How to Fight Offset Payment Audits Against Your Chiropractic Practice

It’s bad enough to be on the receiving end of an audit. But what produces pure frustration AND a feeling of powerlessness is when payers recoup your money by offsetting payments from future checks regardless of whether they had the ...

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Associate Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Chiropractic Practice Sale

Many chiropractors hire associate doctors without proper planning. Whether the associate will remain an employee, or be part of your transition plan to ultimately buy into your practice or buy you out, it is important to avoid several mistakes that ...

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Leaving Chiropractic if Trump or Clinton Gets Elected? Transition Your Practice Now!

Depending on which side of the political fence you sit, the possibility of Hilary at the helm or Trump at the top may scare or frustrate you. But for some chiropractors who are nearing the end of their career, the potential ...

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