Chiropractic Appeals Toolkit



REVISED and EXPANDED edition! 

Our popular selling toolkit is back — bigger and better than ever!  This is a “must-have” for chiropractors and their billing staff that literally will save you time and money in the great fight to get you paid for the good work you do!

  • Frustrated with Insurance payment denials?
  • Do you have particular codes that consistently are paid incorrectly?
  • Are you wasting time writing letters of medical necessity over and again?
  • Need an appeal letter for a problem issue you are facing now?
  • Would you like a simple, proven method to fight denials and payment delays?

Then, you need to check out our newly revised edition of the Chiropractic Appeals Toolkit!

The newly published 2012 edition of the toolkit contains over 200 pages of fully customizable, copyright-free Microsoft Word template letters that you can modify with a few clicks. It just can‘t get any easier than that!

Here are just a few of the topics that the template letters address:

  • 97140 Manual Therapy Denials
  • E/M Downcoding
  • Medical Necessity Sample Letters (4)
  • Insurance Verification/Misrepresentation of Benefits appeal
  • Lack of Recognition Modifier -25
  • Lack of Recognition Modifier -59
  • Kinesio-Taping/Strapping Codes Appeal
  • Bundling Denials (Payment for service included in the primary procedure)
  • Out-of-Network Refund Request Rejection Letter
  • Request for Peer-to-Peer Review
  • Request for DC in Active Practice to Review Claim
  • Corrected Claim
  • CPT Downcoding
  • Denial UCR Fees
  • Request to Disclose UCR Fee Schedule
  • Duplicate Billing Denial
  • Insurance Department Complaint
  • Insurance Late Payment (contracted payment)
  • Employer Letter about Insurance Late Payment
  • Partial Payment
  • Patient Notification of Appeal
  • Patient UCR Letter
  • Request for Clinical Criteria for Denied Claims
  • Silent PPO Discount (two letters)
  • Underpaid Claims

PLUS, in the revsied edition are over 50 state-specific letters on the following topics:

  • Overpayment demand and refund laws
  • Prompt payments
  • State Discrimination Laws
  • AND MORE!!!

With the Chiropractic Appeal Toolkit CD, you have a “secret weapon” in your arsenal for fighting back against insurance company denials, underpayments and medical necessity issues!

Get your Toolkit today (Manual + CD with customizable templates on MS-Word) – for less than one “saved” claim will cost you – just $199!

P.S. Save time and money by using the template letters featured on this CD over and over again; what a deal – pay once and use them forever!