Dr. Tom Necela founded The Strategic Chiropractor to help DC’s enjoy better profitability, better income and more freedom both in and out of practice.

Rather than just assume the typical chiropractic practice management route of focusing on stale marketing tactics to attract new patients, robotic scripts and cookie cutter solutions, Dr. Necela empowers his coaching clients, seminar attendees and readers to apply strategic thinking, fresh “Chiropractic 3.0” ideas and a work smarter approach to their practice.

The results have earned Dr. Necelaa devoted following of raving clients, waves of repeat seminar attendees, and over 20,000 blog readers from around the world who are attracted to his unique, straightforward practical advice.

Dr. Necela loves to joke that his biggest fans are skeptical enough to question tired old business practice and the chiropractic cookie cutter mold, but teachable enough to learn how to do it better, faster and smarter.

Dr. Necela’s Background

Dr. Necela is the first chiropractor to ever to achieve Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) status, which combined with his background as a former insurance claims analyst and his certifications as a professional coder (CPC) and professional compliance officer (CCP-P), give him a unique perspective on many of the insurance-based challenges chiropractors face today.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Necela’s wit and wisdom has been featured in the biggest chiropractic publications such as Dynamic Chiropractic, DC Practice Insights, Chiropractic Economics and Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle. He’s also been a contributing editor to the ChiroCodeDeskbook and ChiroCode’s Hot Topics Newsletter as well as author of numerous books and audio products that serve the chiropractic profession.

He is a frequented speaker at state chiropractic association meetings and webinars for industry leading groups such as ChiroHealthUSA, ChiroCode and more. Click here to inquire about Dr. Necela speaking at your next live or virtual event.

In his spare time, Dr. Tom enjoys continuing his 30+ year pursuit of reading a book a week, spending time with his family and attempting wakeboard moves that are far beyond his skill level.


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Testimonial 2

Dr. Necela takes a very hands on and proactive approach – integrating himself and his keen knowledge – within the clinic or organization with which he is working. His expertise is taught to key staff and the clinic’s current standard operating procedures are closely examined and audited in order to produce a most effective outcome. Specifically, Dr. Necela bettered our understanding of our working and billable relationship by and between health insurance providers which also increased revenue. I give Dr. Necela my highest accolades and would consider him a valued asset to with whom he works.

Emil Nardone, DC (Benwood, WV)

Testimonial 3

When I hired you, I was worried about compliance and the quality of my documentation with all the talk of audits going around. I didn’t think my notes were that good. In the process of fixing that, you helped me discover that I was also missing out on income by not billing for things properly and by not utilizing efficient procedures in my office. Your systematic approach has made it easier for me to sleep at night and to create a more profitable practice. Already we have seen significant results of increased income after only a few months of working with you! Thanks Tom!

Martin Henschell, DC (Bonney Lake, WA)

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