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Audit Armor & Compliance Shield Benefits 

In addition to peace of mind & protection, here's what else you will get...

The HIPAA Compliance Complete Security System

Audit Armor & Compliance Shield offers chiropractors a complete set of customizable HIPAA policies & paperwork, privacy procedures, breach protocols, security & risk management features and the tools you need to achieve true compliance.  Best of all, your library of tools & training courses are all kept in one place, securely stored & easily accessed via your online dashboard. 

The Compliance Certainty Tracking System

With our unique tools, "compliance" won't be a poorly defined goal that you never quite know if you've achieved. Instead, you will be able to add, modify and attest to policies and procedures while receiving a visual progression of your compliance completion using handy graphs and our tracking system so you will know with certainty when you have the required compliance elements in place & exactly when you can sleep at night! 

Audit Prevention Training 

True to its name, Audit Armor provides you with training tools and resources to help you protect yourself from audits and stay compliant beyond HIPAA -- we help you steer clear of audit trouble in terms of chiropractic billing, documentation, coding, fee schedules and more!

Employee Training & Awareness

When it comes to compliance, there are no exceptions to the rule.  Not only are you responsible for maintaining privacy, security and other compliance standards as the owner of a chiropractic practice, but you are responsible for making your staff aware of the requirements AND for providing ongoing training.  With our system, we make it easy to train and track all staff compliance requirements to reduce your risk as well as help you document that you've done it!  

Risk Management & Assessment

With Audit Armor & Compliance Shield, you can conduct a full risk assessment and gap analysis (as required under HIPAA) but you can utilize the report to effeciently identify items that need work and then implement the tools and resources included to reduce your risk.  Best of all, you can re-assess at any time and demonstrate your progress!

Business Associate Oversight Tools

You are not only responsible for security of HIPAA privacy for yourself and for your employees, but you are also responsible for making sure your third-party vendors (also known as "business associates") are compliant in their relationship with your office.  With our Oversight Tools feature, you can easily track your Business Associates or Third Party Vendors to keep everything up-to-date, compliant & risk-free!  

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"I lecture on documentation and other topics around the country and Dr. Tom Necela knows more on coding, billing and audit protection than anyone I have ever seen! 

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Vice-President, Chiropractic BioPhysics Non-Profit (CBP)

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    • Business Associate Mgmt Tools
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